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Universal Nutrition Ultra Whey Pro 5 Lb

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  • Get a complete source of 25g of the highest quality whey proteins in each serving of Universal Nutrition Ultra Whey Pro for better muscle synthesis. 

  • These proteins are derived from ultra-filtrated whey isolates, peptide rich whey hydrostylates and whey concentrates for sustained nutrient supply. 

  • For faster and maximized absorption, the proteins in Universal Nutrition Ultra Whey Pro are instantized. 

  • It is low in sugar and fat to ensure that you are able to achieve a lean physique. 

  • Glutamine peptides included in the unique matrix also help in faster recovery of the muscles. 

Product description 

Whey proteins are a staple in any fitness enthusiast’s supplementation program. You need a supplement that can deliver nutrients all day long to ensure that your muscles are in constant recovery mode. This allows you to get better gains and also improves the quality of your muscle fibers. 

With Universal Nutrition Ultra Whey Pro, you get a pure whey protein blend that combines ultra-filtered whey protein isolates, peptide rich whey hydrolysates and whey concentrates. This gives you a sustained supply of proteins which helps prevent any chances of catabolic muscle loss. As a result, muscle growth is enhanced and you are able to enjoy faster results. 

Nutritional Information 

Serving size: 1 scoop 

Nutritional value per serving 



Calories from fat 


Total fat 


Saturated fat




Total carbohydrate 














To improve the results of your training routine, you need to make sure that your muscles get all the nutrients that can help them recover faster and repair any microscopic wear and tear. With Universal Nutrition Ultra Whey Pro, you have added benefits such as: 

  • Pure protein blends: You get high performance protein blends in the purest form with Universal Nutrition Ultra Whey Pro. This includes ultrafiltrated whey concentrates, whey isolates ad hydrolyzed whey peptides. This mixture of fast and slow acting proteins allows you to get a steady supply of nutrients all day. Fast acting proteins help in instant muscle recovery while slow acting proteins prevent catabolic muscle loss with a sustained supply of amino acids. 

  • Better recovery performance:In addition to fast acting proteins, you also have the advantage of glutamine peptides which are vital for recovery. This amino acid is one of the major components of the muscle fiber and is readily absorbed by muscles after a strenuous training session. 

  • Build  only lean muscles:This supplement is low in sugar and fat. This ensures that there is no added calorie load on your body. This also ensures that you only develop lean muscles that are larger in volume and deeper in striation. 


Pure Whey™(Ultrafiltered Whey Concentrate [Compromised Of ~45% B-Lactoglobulin, ~20% A-Lactalbumin, ~15% Glycomacropeptides, ~10% Immunoglobulins, ~6% Bovine Serum Albumin, ~1% Lactoferrin, ~1% Lactoperoxidase, Protease Peptone, Lysozyme], Whey Isolates, Partially Hydrolyzed Whey Peptides And Glutamine Peptides), Natural And Artificial Flavors, Sucralose, Acesulfame Potassium

How to use 

Mix 1-2 scoops of Universal Nutrition Ultra Whey Pro with 100-150ml of skimmed milk or water. On training days, you can take a maximum of two servings each day. One serving must be taken within 45 minutes of training and the other one can be taken in between your meals. On non-training days, you must consume at least one serving in between your meals. 


How is Universal Nutrition Ultra Whey Pro different? 

Universal Nutrition Ultra Whey Pro contains a pure whey protein blend that includes whey concentrate, peptide rich whey hydrolysates and whey protein isolates. This mixture of slow and fast acting proteins gives you the advantage of sustained nutrition supply for maximum results. 

 Does it ensure lean muscle development? 

In addition to fast acting peptides, this supplement also contains glutamine peptides that help in muscle recovery and improve lean muscle development. Universal Nutrition Ultra Whey Pro is also low in sugar and fat to ensure that you only develop lean muscles. 

 What is instantized whey protein? 

Instantized whey protein provides you with protein that is broken down into smaller molecules. This helps improve the mixablity of the protein shake and also makes it easier for the body to absorb.

 Who should consume Universal Nutrition Ultra Whey Pro? 

Universal Nutrition Ultra Whey Pro is ideal for both beginners and advanced level athletes who are looking at building lean muscles. You can restrict the dosage as per your level of training. 

 When should Universal Nutrition Ultra Whey Pro consumed for maximum benefits? 

It is best that you consume one serving Universal Nutrition Ultra Whey Pro within 45 minutes of completing workout and another one in between your meals. 

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