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Universal Nutrition Carbo Plus unflavoured 2.2 Lb

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  • Universal Nutrition Carbo Plus unflavoured provides you with complex carbs for maximum energy all day long. 

  • Get 100% natural high performance carbs derived from select whole grains and maltodextrin for maximum results. 

  • The premium glycemic carbs in Universal Nutrition Carbo Plus unflavoured are easily absorbed by your body to maintain an anabolic state for muscle development. 

  • The glycogen levels in the muscle and liver are replenished for enhanced performance. 

  • To prevent any caloric load, this supplement is low in fat and contains zero added preservatives, artificial flavors or sugars. 

Product description 

As opposed to popular belief, one of the most important nutrients for body building is carbohydrates. This is the primary energy source of your body, allowing you to perform better and stay energetic all day long. In fact, studies have suggested that 50% of your diet should comprise of complex carbs in order for you to reach your bodybuilding goals faster. 

Universal Nutrition Carbo Plus unflavoured provides you with premium glucose polymers that are derived from natural sources like whole grains and maltodextrin. This gives you pure energy to sustain even the most strenuous training sessions. These carbs prevent proteins from being used as an energy source, giving you the additional benefit of preventing any catabolic muscle breakdown. 

With Universal Nutrition Carbo Plus unflavoured, you can be assured of the highest quality of glycemic carbs that are easy to absorb. For maximum performance and endurance, these carbs replenish the glycogen levels in your muscles and in the liver as well. With almost zero fat and sodium, you do not have to worry about any caloric load on your body, making this the ideal nutritional support for your training regime. 

Nutritional Information 

Serving size: 1 scoop 

Nutritional value per serving 



Total carbohydrates 




There are several benefits of using Universal Nutrition Carbo Plus unflavoured, such as: 

  • Enhanced performance: The 100% pure high performance carbs in Universal Nutrition Carbo Plus unflavoured, are readily used up to produce more energy for you to sustain grueling training sessions. The glycogen levels in the muscles and the liver are also replenished faster to keep you feeling more energetic through the day. 

  • Protein sparing supplement: With the availability of complex carbs as the primary energy source, proteins are spared from being used. This ensures that proteins are used mainly for muscle synthesis and recovery, preventing any chances of catabolic muscle loss. 

  • Maintains steady blood sugar levels:Unlike simple sugars that cause a spike in blood glucose levels, complex carbs help maintain a steadier blood sugar level. This gives you a consistent supply of energy without any rapid rise and fall in blood sugar levels. 

  • Free from unwanted calories:Universal Nutrition Carbo Plus unflavoured supports lean muscle development as it contains zero sugar, fat, artificial flavors and preservatives. It is also 100% cholesterol free, promoting better heart health.


100% pure high performance complex carbs (Consisting of granulated medium length complex carbohydrates (glucose polymers), extracted from premium grain sources and maltodextrin) 

How to use 

Mix ½ scoop of Universal Nutrition Carbo Plus unflavoured with 150-200ml of water, juice or any beverage of your choice. For maximum benefits, consume two such servings each day. Consume one serving within 2 hours after completing your training and the other one in between your meals. 



How is Universal Nutrition Carbo Plus unflavoured different? 

With Universal Nutrition Carbo Plus unflavoured, you have the advantage of pure high performance complex carbs that are 100% natural. They are derived from premium grain sources and maltodextrin to give you pure energy for sustained performance. 

 How do carbs help in muscle synthesis? 

Universal Nutrition Carbo Plus unflavoured is protein sparing. This means that it prevents proteins from being used to produce energy, preventing any catabolic loss of your muscles. They allow maximum proteins to be used in muscle synthesis, allowing you to build volume and size faster. 

 Why are complex carbs required? 

Universal Nutrition Carbo Plus unflavoured gives you complex carbs that are the primary source of energy for the body. This helps you sustain long and intense hours of training by providing you with a steady supply of energy with slow release complex carbs. 

 Who should use Universal Nutrition Carbo Plus unflavoured? 

Anyone who is in the middle of an intense training routine will benefit from Universal Nutrition Carbo Plus unflavoured as it enhances performance by giving you more energy and by ensuring that glycogen levels in the liver and the muscles are replenished faster. 

 When should I consume Universal Nutrition Carbo Plus unflavoured?

For best results, consume ½ scoop within 2 hours of completing your training. You can take ½ a scoop more in between your meals to enhance the results.

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