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RSP Nutrition Whey 4 Lb

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  • With each serving of RSP Nutrition Whey 4 Lb you get 25g of pure protein blends including 4 protein sources for sustained nutrition. 
  • The proteins are ultra-filtered for maximum absorption and bio-availability for faster results. 
  • RSP Nutrition Whey 4 Lb is low in carbs, sugar, calories and sodium, making it the ideal supplement to consume with a low calorie diet. 
  • It comes with an enzyme aided formula that helps in better digestion and absorption of nutrients. 
  • You can be assured of complete safety as RSP Nutrition Whey 4 Lb does not include any amino acid spiking or adulteration of their product. 

Product description 

Whey proteins are undoubtedly the most popular supplements when it comes to bodybuilding and ensuring more muscle volume and strength. They provide you with an easy source of necessary proteins without the elaborate meal preparations and are therefore ideal even for those with the busiest schedules. 

RSP Nutrition Whey 4 Lb gives you a premium blend of four protein sources including whey protein concentrate, whey protein hydrosolate, whey protein isolate and milk protein isolate. This gives you sustained nutrition all day long to ensure that you do not experience any muscle loss or degeneration. They increase protein synthesis giving you greater muscle volume and strength. 

Nutritional Information 

Serving size: 1 scoop 

Nutritional value per serving 

Calories  130
Total fat  3g
Saturated fat  1.5g
Trans fat  0g 
Cholesterol  70mg 
Sodium  90 mg 
Total carbohydrate  4g
Dietary fiber 0g 
Total sugar  2g
Protein  25g
Vitamin D  0mcg 
Calcium   190mg 
Iron  1 mg 
Potassium  224mg


RSP Nutrition Whey 4 Lb gives you an advanced whey protein formula that fuels your grueling training session and allows you to perform at your best abilities.

The unique protein blend of this supplement provides several benefits such as: 

Sustained nutrition for your muscles: RSP Nutrition Whey 4 Lb contains 25g of proteins that are derived from four protein sources, namely whey protein concentrates, whey protein hydrolysate, whey protein isolate and milk protein isolates. This combination of slow and fast acting proteins give your muscles an instant source of fuel when they are starved along with a sustained supply of amino acids all day long to prevent catabolic degeneration. 

Improved muscle recovery, volume and strength: With a ready source of amino acids available, the lost nutrients from the muscles are replenished immediately after strenuous training sessions. This helps the muscles recover faster. In addition to this, your body remains in an anabolic state all day long, ensuring that there is no catabolic loss of muscle, leading to better size and volume. 

No unwanted calories: This supplement is low in carbs, sugars, sodium and calories. As a result, there is no unwanted caloric load on your body, allowing you to only develop lean muscles. 

Better digestion and absorption: The proteins present in RSP Nutrition Whey 4 Lb are ultra-filtered to make them easy to absorb and to also improve their bio-availability. This improves your results. In addition to that, this supplement contains important digestive enzymes that improve overall digestion and absorption of nutrients that you consume through the day. 


Protein blend (Whey protein concentrate, milk protein isolate, whey protein hydrolysate, whey protein isolate), alkalized cocoa powder, natural and artificial flavors, polydextrose, gum blend (cellulose gum, xanthan gum, carrageenn),salt, papain, protease 

Contains: Milk and soy. 

How to use 

Mix one heaping scoop of RSP Nutrition Whey 4 Lb with 250-200ml of cold water and any beverage of your choice. Mix till the powder dissolves completely. 


How is RSP Nutrition Whey 4 Lb different from other whey protein supplements? 

RSP Nutrition Whey 4 Lb provides you with 25g of protein blends that are derived from four different protein sources to ensure sustained nutrition all day long. These proteins are ultra-filtered to ensure easy absorption and better bio-availability. 

How does it aid in building muscle size and volume? 

With a combination of slow and fast acting proteins, you have a sustained supply of amino acids all day long. This prevents any chances of muscle loss and also helps repair any wear and tear efficiently, allowing your muscles to grow in size and volume. 

What allergens are present in this supplement?

This supplement contains milk and soy lecithin that are potential allergens. 

Is this product safe to consume? 

With RSP Nutrition Whey 4 Lb, you can be assured of safety as all the products are manufactured in GMP certified labs. With these products, what you see on the label is what you get. There is no amino acid spiking or any such practice involved in the manufacture of these products. 

How to consume RSP Nutrition Whey 4 Lb?

Mix one scoop of RSP Nutrition Whey 4 Lb with 150-200ml of water and consume after your workout or in between meals. 

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