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MuscleTech NitroTech 4 Lb

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  • You can develop more lean muscle than any other whey protein with MuscleTech Nitro-Tech, which gives you 30g of protein with each serving. 

  • Recovery performance is improved significantly with 6.8g of BCAAs in each serving. 

  • To ensure fast absorption and maximum biological value, the proteins in MuscleTech Nitro-Tech undergo a multi-phase filtration process for faster muscle development. 

  • Only 4 grams of carbs and 2.5g of fats ensures an ultra-clean formula that does not add any caloric load on your body for guaranteed lean muscle development. 

  • 3g of creatine in each serving of MuscleTech Nitro-Tech provides you the perfect muscle building formula along with whey protein. 

Product description 

Designed for those who are looking at building strength and great muscle volume, MuscleTech Nitro-Tech provides you with a complete amino acid profile including whey proteins, creatine and amino acids. 

This product is low in fat and carbs and is, therefore, ideal for lean muscle development. It also enhances recovery to delay fatigue and improve overall performance effectively. You get the best results packed into a product that ensures great taste with several rounds of taste testing to give you the perfect post workout supplement. 

Nutritional Information 

Serving size: 1 scoop 

Nutritional value per serving 



Calories from fat 


Total fat 


Saturated fat 

1.5 g 

Total carbohydrates 














Creatine monohydrate 




MuscleTech Nitro-Tech is the perfect solution to help you build lean muscles faster. This product has a unique blend of ingredients to give you several benefits such as: 

  • Easy to absorb proteins: With every serving of MuscleTech Nitro-Tech you get 30g of protein derived from whey isolates and a peptide blend including whey protein isolate and whey peptides. A unique multi-phase filtration process improves the absorption and the biological value of these proteins. As a result, you have the advantage of fast acting proteins that are absorbed easily by your muscles for better recovery and development. 

  • Great recovery performance: This formula includes essential BCAAs such as leucine, isoleucine and valine. These amino acids are readily absorbed by your muscles after an intense training session for faster repair and recover. As a result, you are able to delay fatigue and also prevent muscle soreness. 

  • Faster development of lean muscles:In addition to whey proteins and BCAAs, this formula also provides you with 3g of creatine which is known to enhance the rate at which your muscles develop. You can be assured of only lean muscle development with MuscleTech Nitro-Tech as it is low in carbs, sugars and fats. As a result, there is no added calorie load on your body, giving you a lean and ripped physique faster in comparison to other products available. 


Isolate protein and peptide blend ( whey peptides, whey protein isolate, whey protein isolate 97%), whey protein concentrate, maltodextrin, natural and artificial flavors, chocolate cookie crumbs (Rice flour, sugar, tapioca starch, palm oil, cocoa, corn starch, salt, chocolate liquor, natural flavors, sodium bicarbonate, soy lecithin), gum blend ( cellulose gum, xanthan gum, carrageenan), soy or sunflower lecithin, enzyplex (papain, amylase), silicon dioxide, salt, sucralose, acesulfame potassium. 

Contains soy and milk ingredients. 

How to use 

Mix one serving of MuscleTech Nitro-Tech in 150-200ml of water or skimmed milk or 2 servings on 250-300ml of water or skimmed milk. Consume in between your meals or post workout. Consume 8-10 glasses of water. To enhance the effects, consume 4 scoops each day for a minimum of 6 weeks. 


How is MuscleTech Nitro-Tech different?

MuscleTech Nitro-Tech delivers 30g of whey protein in each serving with Isolate protein and peptide blends as the primary sources. In addition to this, you have the advantage of 3g of creatine for faster muscle development. 

How does it aid performance? 

You are able to recover from even the most intense training session with the complete amino acid profile of MuscleTech Nitro-Tech which includes whey protein, BCAAs and creatine. This prevents muscle soreness and fatigue to help you perform better. 

How doesMuscleTech Nitro-Tech guarantee lean muscle development? 

MuscleTech Nitro-Tech is low in carbs, fats and sugars ensuring only lean muscle development.  

How to consume MuscleTech Nitro-Tech? 

Mix one scoop of MuscleTech Nitro-Tech  with 150-200ml of water or skimmed milk or two scoops of MuscleTech Nitro-Tech with 250-300ml of water and consume after workout or in between meals. 

How many servings of MuscleTech Nitro-Tech should I consume? 

You can consume up to 2 servings of MuscleTech Nitro-Tech each day. To maximize the effects, consume 4 scoops each day for 6 weeks at least. 

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