Everyone knows the importance of protein in the body. If we ask an athlete about the importance of proteins, they may be able to write a book about it. They will give you an in-depth knowledge of how muscle actually builds and what role proteins play in that process. But, things become interesting when we ask an athlete to brief us about the importance of carbs. Their answer won’t last more than a few seconds or lines.

Carbohydrates are as important as proteins. Nutritionists, coaches, and trainers emphasize more on the importance of protein in the diet while completely overlooking the carbs. The benefits of carbs are unknown to the people and therefore they skip carbs from their diet plan. In reality, the quality and quantity of carbs you take in the diet have an astronomical effect on your muscles. 

Including carbs in the diet is of unmatched importance when trying to build a chiseled body. Including carbohydratesin a diet is not a rocket science. To maximize the benefits you reap from carbs, you just have to follow the below-mentioned rules. 


  • TAKE CARBS IMMEDIATELY AFTER TRAINING: The blood sugar level in the blood is substantially low after an intense workout session. Carbohydrates make up for the lost blood sugar. In other words, carbs restore the blood sugar level. This restoration is a result of the insulin spike in the body after taking acarb rich meal. Supply of carbs in the body after a workout helps in the muscle building process. In other words, the body goes into an anabolic state. If sufficient carbs are not provided to the body, muscles break down which basically means that the body has gone into a catabolic state. 

  • DON’T EAT FRUITS: You must be thinking that this is an absurdpoint. But in reality, this makes a lot of sense. There is no doubt that fruits contain vitamins, minerals, water, and other elements which are very beneficial for our overall health. But, fruits also contain fructose. Fructose is a type of sugar. The processing of fructose by the body is done in such a way that it becomes a fat tissue. 

  • TAKE CARBOHYDRATES AND PROTEINS TOGETHER: This is a very simple method of preventing the conversion of carbs into fats. Proteins have a complex structure and hence, the body has to work more on proteins to make them useful. This work on proteins increases the body metabolism rate in turn. Carbohydrates act as a vehicle to transport nutrients derived from the proteins to different muscles of the body. Muscles will not grow until the nutrients derived from proteins reach the muscles.

  • EAT CARBS REGULARLY THROUGHOUT THE DAY: Insulin maintains the blood sugar levels. It prevents the blood sugar from getting dangerously high or low. A regular supply of carbs in the body helps to maintain a stream of insulin in the body. Eating a huge portion of carbs has many downsides. One of them, which perhaps is the most detrimental is the storage of carbs as fats in the body. 

These ways can actually help you to use carbohydrates towards building muscle quickly. Remember that carbs are often packed with calories and calories accumulate in the body if not worked properly. So, it would be a really good idea to cut the carbs by 8 pm. There is a good chance that they may accumulate as fat when you sleep. All this doesn’t apply to the one that has a fast metabolism. Your body probably doesn’t need energy when you are sleeping, therefore, cutting on carbs after 8 pm is the wayto go about it.

Ideally,an athlete should take 6 meals throughout the day. This will stop you from overeating. Regular supply of nutrients, especially carbs, maintains your energy level. Try eating small meals every 3 hours or anytime you feel hungry. Don’t starve yourself!

So there you have it. Take carbs immediately after training, don’t eat fruits, take proteins and carbs together, and eat carbs regularly throughout the day. This is the right way to go about taking carbs. Most importantly, don’t consume carbohydrate-rich foods after 8 pm.