What is warm-up?

It is never about just walking the treadmill nor is it just about simple stretching.

While a lot of research shows that body temperature increases while doing warm-up, just doing cardio doesn’t suffice. Static stretching also doesn’t work in silos as it is usually done post workout to relax the muscle.

Now let’s try and understand the aim of warming up.. the entire idea is to let your body know or prepare it rather before doing a particular activity. There is no standard warm up for all activities. To share an example, if you are looking at a general workout, cardio is extremely important during the warm-up. When you look at stretching, there are two kinds of it- blasting and dynamic. Specific to dynamic stretching, the body transitions gradually into a position and this movement is repeated as you increase your reach and range of motion. Blasting stretching is a kind where you use bouncing movements to create momentum which moves the muscle into the stretch.

Here’s another important point to note!

The most crucial part of warm-up is to activate the synovial fluid in all major joint and activate core muscles along with the spinal cord.

In a nutshell, a combination of cardio and some exercise for stability & mobility makes for a good warm-up. Running for 5-10 mins along with some exercise for core activation (plank), cat camel for spinal cord activation followed by some low intensity as per your planned activity should help you for sure.

Written by:
Aakash Tyagi
Anytime Fitness (Sushant lok 1), Gurgaon.