“You only need a good diet to buff up”, this is an age-old antiquated line that has no place today in the world of body building. There is no doubt that you will be able to build a good body without the use of any supplements but why do most bodybuilders still use supplements. The simple reason behind this by not taking supplements, you simple undermine your body building potential. You are simply not able to reach the muscular limit. 

Supplementing can be confusing for some while some people may simply enjoy it. The confusion related to what to take, when to take and how to take turn off newbies from supplements. By cutting themselves off from supplements, they really keep themselves away from the huge benefits supplements have. Supplements just help you get more out of the hard work that you do in the gym. Here are some supplements that can actually help you optimize your gym performance:

  • WHEY PROTEIN:Whey proteins have been in the bodybuilding world for quite some time now. Researches are being conducted to find out whether they really work or it is just a myth. People who take whey proteins praise it of the gains and strength it gives them. Scientific researches have also been conducted around the same and the results of all these researches have been positive. Whey proteins speed up the muscle protein synthesis process. Muscle hypertrophy is also facilitated by whey protein. Muscle hypertrophy is the result of leucine present in the whey protein. Whey protein delivers a concentrated quantity of high-quality proteins which the body would not get from a regular diet. It also delivers BCAA’s (branched chain amino acids) and EAA’s(essential amino acids). 

  • CAFFEINE:There is no other supplement better than caffeine to increase focus, energy, and workout intensity. Caffeine gives you a long-lasting stream of power allowing you to work out more with the same level of energy and focus. Researches have also proven that taking caffeine can significantly increase your workout capacity. People also say that caffeine acts as a fat burner. This statement is partially true. Caffeine increases your workout capacity and when you workout more, you burn more calories and as a result, you may witness weight loss. So, we can say caffeine helps to lose weight indirectly. The amount of caffeine should be judiciously consumed. Taking too much caffeine can actually prove fatal. 

  • CREATINE:The best way to become jacked in a short period of time is to take creatine along with whey protein and a proper diet. Creatine increases the production of ATP (adenosine triphosphate). It is the molecule that carries energy. Creatine acts as a catalyst in your journey to becoming jacked. Using this supplement you can quickly see gains on your body. 

  • BETA-ALANINE:This supplement reduces muscle fatigue. When you are in the middle of an intense workout and unable to complete reps, that’s when beta-alanine kicks in and helpyou complete those reps. You may even be able to hit some extra reps when on beta-alanine. Taking this supplement you may experience longer workout sessions. The longer the workout session, the more calories you burn.  Beta-alanineis sometimes taken as a pre-workout supplement. 2.5 grams of beta-alanine in a day is enough. The timing doesn’t matter and hence can be consumed anytime. However, it is recommended that you take with a meal. 

  • ZMA:Zinc, Vitamin B, and magnesium are known are micronutrients. ZMA contains all these micronutrients which prevents zinc deficiency, maintains testosterone levels, and improves the quality of sleep.

There are a lot of myths around taking supplements. None of those myths are true. There is a reason why serious bodybuilders take protein supplements. The main function of supplements is to fulfill the nutritional requirements which would not be possible with diet only. Apart from the afore mentioned supplements, you can also use BCAA (branched chain amino acids), multivitamins, carnitine, and glutamine. But, taking the above-mentioned supplements will do the trick for you.